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After the fall of Tweet Attacks software, I have been searching like a mad man for another top twitter software for getting lots of twitter followers. And for automated tweeting for affiliate marketing. Finally I found a good replacement (AND at a sweet price point) – expecially for those of us who are used to spilling out a couple hundred for a nice twitter tool. , manage tasks software CHECK IT OUT HERE This automated twitter tool was, online project tracking tools, made with our sanity in mind. Since the layout is simple and self-explanatory. You can get your accounts set up and in hands-free mode in your first sitting.

That is a breath of fresh air for those of us who took months to figure out all the functions in prior auto tweeting software. -> This software does not have a Twitter account creator built in to it.

So either you need to create your accounts manually first, OR you can buy them. This may also be the reason that this software didn’t get crushed by Twitter. So it may have been a smart move to not include an account creation tool. Task management project, but I want my account creator tool!

Whaaa. . . Whaaa.

. , enterprise collaboration solutions yes I’m a big baby New twitter tools pop up every day.

And anyone willing to hire a software coder on fiverr or odesk can make their own tweet software for dirt cheap. And sell it for big bucks to new marketers as a quick way to make bank. But here is the problem with those kinds of new tools. 1) Twitter spends millions of dollars on anti-spam technology. To block automation tools and to change their system so old tools don’t work anymore. 2) So automated Tweet tools need to be updated constantly, everytime the big T makes changes.

It is a never ending battle between software maker and Twitter. 3) That’s why ONLY software with dedicated ongiong updates can survive over time. (most tools are outdated in a few weeks. 4) But this tool has been maintained and updated since before 2010. Over 2 years of updates and improvements. That really shows the maker’s ongoing dedication to customers and their comittment to succeeding in the long term.

As I mentioned before, the price point is VERY low. Or if you have cold feet, you can have full use of the software for a measly $5 (14 day full access).

And then if you love it, invest the remaining $62 at that point. Definately worth it, especially with the 60 money back guarantee. So basically there is NO risk. Stop wasting time, and get your twitter accounts growing and earning today!