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Project manager tools, what is remote assistance software? And who needs such software? Remote assistance simply means that you can remotely connect to a computer without having to be physically present. Such software enables you to control another computer without you having to be there. As you can imagine, such software can be tremendously useful for certain groups of people. 1) IT support staff.

Have a problem with your computer or laptop? Previously, without any remote software, you will have to bring the entire computer down to the IT department.

This can be a very time consuming process because after the system has been fixed, you still have to collect it back from the IT support staff. To save time, you can always ring the support staff, and have them connect to your system remotely to check what is wrong. They will then be able to troubleshoot without having to be physically present and fix problems on the spot. You can have your system working again in no time!

, manage tasks online 2) People who travel often for business. When you travel, you can’t bring your workstation along with you. What if you want to retrieve some documents or access some software while you are traveling? You can always use remote assistance software to connect to your computer back in the office and download whatever files you need.

3) Software developers. Software developers can now perform updates remotely without having to visit each site physically.

For instance, let’s say you have 100 Kiosks that need to be upgraded. If you don’t have remote access, you will have to travel down to each of these locations and load the software manually – an exceedingly time consuming process! With remote access, you can update all the software from the comfort of your own office. Remote assistance software is made possible as long as there is an Internet connection. Once connected to the Internet, you will need special remote software to connect to other computers. Of course, the assumption is that all systems that you want to connect to have Internet access.

When you fire up your remote assistance software, you will immediately be able to see the screen of the other computer. It’s as if you are using the other computer because you are in total control. You can download files, run applications, install software, etc. on the remote system as long as you remain connected. Once you have completed your tasks, you can disconnect from the remote assistance software and everything will go back to normal on your own computer system. On this website, we will list and review several top remote assistance software on the Internet.

Some are free, while others require a small fee. This software is so useful that there are even web based versions of it.

In other words, you can remotely connect to another system without having to install any software on your own computer. Simply login to the website and connect remotely.

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