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basis your information, sometimes sensitive information, is being disclosed unintentionally, but more often than not, intentionally to strangers! Apps for team collaboration, ! The PC you use at work, do you share it with other colleagues? Do you realize that your PC is not your property and your employer has every right to view your personal files? When your employer looks through your computer files what will he find? Have you updated your resume lately ? Have you read or sent materials which your employer may deem politically incorrect?

Could you lose your job in this competitive market because of what is stored on your PC?

Right now there is information on your PC, whether at work or at home that you need to protect ! Consider all the private information you have stored on your PC: personnel information, financial details, customer details, future plans. . . the list is endless. Would you leave any of this information lying around your desk?

No, you probably would lock it in you drawer. You DO have data therefore which is important and which you definitely do not wish to be disclosed to other parties (either internal or external).

So how do you keep your important files safe? [an error occurred while processing this directive] FileGuardian is an safe and easy to use file secrurity utility. Simply drag and drop files to quickly protect your sensitive files from unwanted viewing. , project management in the cloud FileGuardian utilizes a 128 bit key for the Advanced Encryption Standard (Rijndael encryption algorithm). FileGuardian features include: One Key Encryption/Decryption: One Key is used to encrypt and decrypt all your files.

This reduces the need to remember multiple keys to multiple files. Seamless Windows integration: FileGuardian includes tight integration with Windows Explorer. Drag and drop from Explorer, collaboration in marketing, or encrypt and decrypt without leaving Explorer.

TaskBar Tray Option: FileGuardian can be optionally configured to place its program icon in the Taskbar Icon Notification Tray. This option provides a simple means of keeping the taskbar button region clear for other running programs. History Folder: You can easily find files that you have encrypted in the past. Virtual  Folders: You easily organize groups of files that need to be access at the same time.

Simple to install, simple to use. Why not try it?

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